Conservatory Green

Client Need:

A new community, nestled in a redeveloped part of town, starts to buzz with new activity. Once a bustling airport, the Stapleton redevelopment now flourishes with new life as mixed-use developments embrace the suburban location and lifestyle. The design began with visions of Colorado’s wheat fields swaying in the summer wind. With the prairie concept, the lines of the paving, walls, canopies, firepit, and overall layout of the site emerged. As the vision grew, so did the complexity of the hardscaping package.


The owner, the landscape architect, and the general contractor all knew of the challenges which came with the complexity, so they sought out the expertise of Colorado Hardscapes. The final scope of Colorado Hardscapes work at Conservatory Green included: Sandscape planter walls, landform walls, Lithocrete sedimentary walls, Sandscape planter curbs, water feature, fire pit with form finish concrete, all survey and layout, colored broom finish paving, colored Sandscape paving, uncolored broom finish paving, and the radial slanted amphitheater benches.


The developer unveiled the new park to the community this summer with the promises of community interaction. The attention to detail in both the design and construction makes this project unique. The complementary use of landscaping to soften the hardscaping creates a very comfortable space.