Jessica Ridgeway Memorial Park

Client Need:

The City of Westminster wanted a place for Jessica Ridgeway to be remembered. They chose a park near her home and school where she often played. The park needed to be a place of respect as well as remembrance the light the little girl brought into the world.


The landscape architect designed a central area in the park to playfully display knock-knock jokes, a favorite pastime of Jessica’s. With vibrant colors using her favorite colors throughout the park, the knock-knock jokes required the same amount if vibrancy. This resulted in Colorado Hardscapes placing Sandscape in the plaza and installing a Micro-Top in bright colors. With a series of templates and meticulous care, the crew created a spiral of knock-knock jokes in green and purple colors.


The vibrant colors of the park and Micro-Top knock-knock circle sparked new light in a dark memory for the City of Westminster. The park is a welcoming and safe environment for children to play, and for families and friends to remember their loved one.