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Decorative Concrete Floors Maintenance

Polished, banded interiors at Regis High School.

If you want to keep your decorative concrete floors looking as new as they did when they were first installed, maintenance is not something to be overlooked. By following the procedures listed below, your floors will keep their seal, therefore, preserving their shine and protect (not prevent) them from staining. Moreover, floors require both daily and yearly maintenance. Continue reading for details on each. 

Daily Concrete Floors Maintenance: 

  • Dust mop the floor with an untreated dust mop. Untreated mops are good for removing dust and dirt without adding any harsh or slippery products to the floor. 
  • Mix one ounce of Neutral Cleaner with 1 gallon of cold water as a cleaning solution. 
  • Scrub the floor using an auto-scrubber with soft scrub brushes or daily cleaning pads.

Yearly Concrete Floors Maintenance:

  • Review the conditions of the polished surface for signs of staining or loss of gloss. 
  • Schedule a review with Colorado Hardscapes, to determine if additional work or products need installation. 
  • Install a light application of a stain-resistant coating to the polished surface, if required. 

Helpful Tips:

  • Spills should be cleaned up immediately.
  • Always use a caution sign when floors are wet. 
  • Don’t forget to use furniture bumpers to protect floors from scratches.
  • Never use acidic cleaners or harsh chemicals on your floors. 


It is important to remember that even with perfect maintenance, floors still age. Wine stains, oil stains, or water stains may still occur. Despite this unfortunate truth, floor maintenance still slows this aging process. Continuing, Colorado Hardscapes offers solutions to aging floors such as burnishing and patching. 

At Colorado Hardscapes, we want to make sure our work looks as good as it can for as long as possible. We can’t stress enough how necessary, yet so overlooked maintenance is on concrete floors. After installation, we are more than happy to schedule a yearly check-in. Email us at [email protected] to get that scheduled today. Also, click the links below for your own pdf of a poster we have designed for floor maintenance.