Healthpeak Properties Office

Working with general contractor, Boots Construction and Interior Architect, Acquilano, we helped the client, Healthpeak Properties achieve the look of their dream office with the use of Bomanite Modena.


As Acquilano Interior Architecture developed finish plans for the tenant, they brought us in to discuss options for the polished concrete flooring in a substantial section of the overall space. This office space happens to be at the 50 Fifty S. Syracuse building where we previously placed 13,000 Sq. Ft. of Bomanite flatwork in their porte cochere- only this time, we would be working on the 8th floor. As a previously utilized office space, we would have to work with existing floors.

The client wanted to achieve the minimalistic look of an architectural polished floor but with uniform aggregate exposure. Since polished concrete does not guarantee uniformity, and since we were working with the existing floors, we proposed to place 5,597 Sq. Ft. of Modena Monolithic in the color TRU-Gray.


During installation, to honor existing joints, we placed several sections of aluminum strip inlays. We polished the floors to an 800/Level-3, to achieve a slight reflection without being overly slippery.

Although a simple mix, this office space had a few complications to work around. Firstly, we had to move all materials and equipment to the 8th level. Secondly, the elevator lobby and bathroom were recessed for tile, requiring us to fill it in with 1” of repair mortar before installing the Modena. Lastly, we placed the floors before Boots came in to build the walls. Due to this technicality, we formed everywhere besides the elevator room and bathroom and widened the Modena an extra 4” to 8” next to where they would place each wall.

We don’t normally face these added steps in our process. Still, the final look of the floor looks as nice as any of our Modena installs. Thanks to Bomanite’s systems and products, we quickly had a solution for the client’s needs. Healthpeak Properties were beyond pleased with the final look of their new office space.