Stingray Exhibit at Denver Zoo

We had the pleasure of working on the new Stingray Exhibit at Denver Zoo in collaboration with the nation’s leading stingray expert, Living Exhibits. Our contribution to the 15,000-gallon saltwater pool included:
  • Dirtwork
  • Piping
  • Pool shotcrete
  • GFRC Rockwork/waterfall with staining
  • Coping
  • Texture matted skim coat on the outside of the walls
This exhibit includes a prefilter system, charcoal filter system, and protein filter system in addition to a UV sanitizer, heater, and chiller. All of these, done by Living Exhibits, keep water as close a natural stingray biome as possible. In addition to water quality, crushed, dead coral was added to the bottom of the pool creating a place for the stingrays to hide and an easy sediment removal process for workers. The amount of detail that went into the construction of this habitat is beyond belief but was all worth it for the well-being of these little residents. If you get a chance to go to Denver Zoo, make sure to go feed the stingrays. This stingray exhibit at Denver Zoo is an experience you won’t want to miss!