Gabino Gonzalez

Gabino started with Colorado Hardscapes in 2005, working for the Stain Division. Gabino quickly rose to the top and began working as a foreman for the polishing. Gabino worked through the learning curve, developing new techniques and improving on others to make polishing concrete what we have come to know it at Colorado Hardscapes today. Due to Gabino’s leadership abilities, and his desire for more, he moved into working in flatwork, taking his leadership abilities with him, and began leading a flatwork crew in 2015. During that time, Gabino was training into something more and began to raise up two other foremen under him. In 2019, Gabino was promoted to the position of Superintendent, where he now leads flatwork crews. communicates with customers, project managers, etc. for several projects. He is now using his abilities to grow those under him, to carry Colorado Hardscapes well into the future.