Architectural Flatwork

Decorative Sawcuts

Decorative saw cuts on sandscape flatwork.

Saw cuts in concrete for aesthetic development work in conjunction with control joints that are required. Create your own pattern in the concrete or develop the character of stone or tile.

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Color Hardener

Red and Yellow flowers made with concrete and color hardener

Color Hardener exists through a combination of cement, sand, and pigment applied to the surface of the concrete. This gives it a solid, intense color.

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MicroTop – ST

Colorful pool deck Microtop - ST Concrete Overlay - Colorado Hardscapes

A spray-applied overlay, the thickness of a credit card, with the appearance of Sandscape finished concrete.

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Broom Finish

Different textured concrete from broom finishing strategy

A brushed finish used on the surface of the concrete to increase texture and slip-resistance. 

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Sandscape® Refined

Condominium balcony with sandscape refined walkway.

Provides the same texture and benefits as Sandscape but used for three specific reasons; 1. To achieve colors you cannot get out of the standard integral color palettes. 2. To change the natural color of sand away from the Colorado pinks we have locally to greys or other colors. 3. to add additional items like […]

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Hotel pool deck Decorative Sawcuts on Flatwork - Colorado Hardscapes

Sandscape®, our premium version of sand finished concrete, is known for the sand texture on its surface. This finish is appropriate for entryways and pool decks, due to its anti-slip yet walkable nature. It can stay uncolored or be colored with integral colors.

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