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Solving floor problems with Bomanite Modena; Cement-Based Terrazzo

CSU Lory Polished interior floors with different sized colored and sized aggregates

Modena VS. Cement-Based Terrazzo

You might be wondering “What is the difference between Modena and Cement-Based Terrazzo?” In short, Bomanite Modena is the high-end version of cement-based terrazzo. This premium interior overlay option gained its reputation just as the rest of the Bomanite products have; only the most qualified and trained installers are certified to use them. The high level of quality comes from the installation process, as well as the choice aggregates selected for the mix. This trending floor option will solve your common flooring problems and open doors for creative design possibilities.

Common Flooring Problems:

Sometimes inconsistent floors are inevitable, especially during building renovations. Here are a few situations causing inconsistencies you might experience:

  • Chipping in the concrete surface caused by taking down walls.
  • Ghosting from grinding down glue after removing tile.
  • Cut and patch sections from floor-repairs, trenches, etc.
  • Staining from product spills, sun damage, and/or tape residue.

We call floors facing these situations “multiple use floors”. Multiple-use floors may be functional but are far below the standard for beauty. Many clients hold back on fixing these inconsistencies due to the large amount of time and money it takes to entirely replace concrete floors; but what if another option exists? Something cost-effective, straightforward to install, and even more ecological.

Modena Cement-Based Terrazzo’s Solution:

A cementitious terrazzo flooring option for car dealership
Markley Honda

Bomanite Modena is the ultimate overlay solution. At 3/8ths of an inch thick, Modena completely covers ghosting, chips, patches, and most stains. Without adding much height to preexisting floors, Modena will give the illusion of a new, full-depth floor. It is an attractive option and competitive pricewise with other hard-surface flooring options. This product is non-shrink, allowing for consistent and predictable results. Additionally, its PSI is stronger than concrete’s, making it a durable floor option with an extremely long lifespan.

What makes Cement-Based Terrazzo unique?

Modena flooring at Dairy Block office lobby.
Dairy Block

Besides being used as an overlay over worn concrete, Modena offers many benefits. It can be installed over concrete that is 30 days old or 30 years old. In either case, good surface preparation and a well-installed primer system are necessary. One of our most prominent jobs, Dairy Block, used Modena as the original floor option solely for its customizability. Like polished concrete floors, Modena accommodates the desire for continuous flooring or for a floor with the character of terrazzo. It provides a consistent look throughout the floor, unlike a polished concrete floor that contains inconsistencies, ranging from cream pockets to large aggregate exposure.

high-end cement-based terrazzo material flooring option for interior overlays provided by Colorado Hardscapes at Aurora Rec Center
Aurora Rec Center

Modena also works well when more artistic and sporadic broadcasting of glass or aggregates fits the theme. Cement-Based Terrazzo gives you the opportunity to bring in special elements not found in regular concrete. Colors, aggregates, and inlays are possible as far as your imagination goes. Even with a large range of colors and aggregates to choose from, the product’s quality and reputation remains the same throughout and is extremely consistent down to the smallest detail

Differences between Cement-Based Terrazzo and Epoxy Terrazzo:

Epoxy terrazzo is a resin-based overlay whereas Modena is cement-based. The surface of Bomanite Modena can be stained or dyed, unlike epoxy terrazzo. This creates many more opportunities for design.

Customization Options:

Modena Sample Box

One of the most captivating aspects of Modena is its customizability. Divider strips, colored glass, jellybean glass, and other specialty aggregates are all possible inlay options. Here is a visual representation of the range of possibilities Bomanite Modena holds. We are also now providing these sample boxes for anyone wanting an in-person experience of Bomanite Modena.

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