To Dye or Stain Concrete?

Stained and Dyed floors, matching the natural colors found in colorado


Have you ever wondered if you should Dye or Stain your concrete? Is one better than the other? We are here to answer that question.

Colorado Hardscapes takes pride in working with owners, designers, and builders to take the guesswork out of material selection. From the first meeting forward, we work with you to understand design intent and aesthetics. As well as the concretes surrounding conditions, and the project’s compelling variables like budget, schedule, functional use, and long-term maintenance. From this foundation, our objective is to provide decision-makers with the right information on the best options there are. 

Considering options for adding unique colors to decorative concrete floors, one common question we get is what are the differences between dye or stain? Let’s take a look.


Offering a nearly endless array of options, dyes allow designers to control over colors, configurations, and the details of concrete floors. Using Dyes both indoors and out is just one of the benefits we see. Additionally, we generally, yield reliable results across surfaces. To dial-in choices, Colorado Hardscapes always recommends samples and mock-ups. The longevity of the colors in dyed floors are generally high. However, traffic, UV exposure, and maintenance conditions should be considered in selection.


Reactive stains, known as acid or chemical stains, are remarkable for their organic, variegated appearance made more dramatic by a degree of unpredictability. Chemical stains will produce a wide range of colors in the finished surface depending on the nearly limitless combination of variables. These variables include mix designs, curing and sealing, finishing techniques, and more. Establishing an approximation of the actual effect a chemical stain on a specific composition is best done by developing samples and mock-ups before-hand. The durability of the finished product should also be considered as high-traffic areas, exposure to the elements or lack of maintenance can all degrade a stained finish.

Most importantly, when it comes to color choices or other decorative options, Colorado Hardscapes has you covered inside and out. Take a look here at some of the projects we have used either dye or stain on floors.