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Trending in Concrete: Matching Interior and Exterior Concrete

At Colorado Hardscapes, we are often asked whether or not it’s possible to have matching interior and exterior concrete finishes. 

The answer? Yes, but with a few caveats. We can match an exposed aggregate finish to a deep-grind polished floor or use the same color on both interior and exterior applications. The key is to give them the functionality needed to be a reliable space.

The benefits of matching concrete finishes

One of the benefits of having your interior concrete match your exterior is that it blurs the line between spaces. This can create a more seamless experience for customers or residents as they move from one space to another. Others may choose this design option to help make a project feel unique and establish a brand identity. 

The difference between interior and exterior concrete finishes

Interior concrete finishes should be smoother and more polished. Since cleaning an interior space requires more attention to detail, you’ll want a finish that’s easy to wipe down and keep clean. Since this rarely becomes wet, slip and fall accidents are easily preventable.

Exterior concrete finishes should be textured to provide slip resistance. Especially since exterior concrete is more likely to get wet, a textured finish will help provide traction and prevent slip and fall accidents. As far as cleaning goes, this space is easily tidied up with a pressure washer.

The amount of aggregate exposed on exterior concrete can correspond to the diameter of the aggregate we polish down on interior concrete. For example, a Sandscape finish will match a salt & pepper polish, just as an exposed aggregate patio will match a deep-grind polished kitchen floor.

So, although you may not be able to install the same exact finish to both the interior and exterior of the project, matching them is still possible.

Projects we’ve worked on that incorporate matching concrete finishes

Here are a few of our favorite projects with matching interior and exterior concrete.

Clyfford Still Museum
Private Residence
AFA Asian Memorial
Midtown, Denver

Ensuring that concrete finishes look great together for years to come

Maintenance is a large part of keeping concrete looking great, but beyond maintenance, who you choose as your installer is a foolproof way to keep pretty concrete. Make sure you’re working with a team who has experience in both interior and exterior concrete finishes. Specify someone who has several years of experience in the location of your project, installing the type of flatwork you need.

Finally, requiring a mock-up from the subcontractor candidate is a sure way to know what you’re getting into. As we’ve said many times before, work with a process-oriented sub, not results-oriented.

How to choose the right product

If you’re stuck on finishes and colors, our suggestion is that you see your options in person. At Colorado Hardscapes, we offer a wide variety of samples. At our Design Center, you have the chance to get a feel for what will work best for your project.

We provide both interior and exterior samples for you to choose from in addition to sample boxes for you to take with you. Once you’ve chosen the perfect match, we’ll work with you to ensure it looks great and lasts for years to come. Contact us today to get started!