Why Colorado Hardscapes

Colorado Hardscapes

The leading edge of excellence in decorative concrete

The Front Range’s premier decorative concrete contractor, Colorado Hardscapes has been leading product innovation, durability, and beauty nationally since the industry’s inception nearly 50 years ago. By providing superior service, we earn client trust and are presented with construction challenges that require us to ask more of ourselves in pursuit of the exceptional. Strong communication, a willingness to listen, learn, and innovate, and an insistence on safety, integrity, and teamwork in everything we do define Colorado Hardscapes.

We are committed to:

Colorado Hardscapes has been at the forefront of innovation, collaboration, and the highest quality in decorative work since the mid-1970s when concrete’s boundaries began expanding. Built on a foundation of utilitarian flatwork stretching back to 1947, today we lead the industry by reliably delivering decorative hardscapes to meet any aesthetic and last a lifetime. A family-owned business from the start, we understand people are our greatest asset. Every successful project is due to the dedication and determination of the hands, hearts, and minds of the people doing the work. We train quality, nurture aptitude, and invest in loyalty because better people mean better business.

For more than 70 years, Colorado Hardscapes has been a compelling force in Colorado’s construction industry. From the first handshake forward, collaboration is fundamental to meeting the complexities of commercial construction. We assess specifics with owners, designers, and builders to devise solutions that accommodate intent, budget, schedule, and constraints. Our in-house showroom helps decision makers quickly narrow down many thousands of possibilities into a handful of options. We can produce business-card size samples of virtually any product we place for consideration with other existing or planned materials. Meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations begins long before the first pour. 


Decorative or not, quality concrete must stand the test of time, which in Colorado frequently means rapidly changing weather, poor soil conditions, and potentially damaging de-icing chemicals, among other regional realities. Colorado Hardscapes’ extremely high standards for quality are based on the rigid application of technical expertise, relentless staff training, and continual oversight. Though we are national leaders in decorative concrete innovation, we are not risk takers. We are not willing to innovate beyond our capacity to assure absolute premium quality and lifelong durability in the finished product. Innovation is achieved by fostering the free flow of information and knowledge across our staff allowing their growth to pace our own.

Start with Colorado Hardscapes, finish with confidence.

What to Look For

Best-value selection in the bid and beyond

Best-value selection appreciates that today’s construction realities require meaningful consideration of a lot more than simply the lowest-cost. Validating a contractor’s ability to add genuine value to the project, especially in a product with a life expectancy of several generations, should also consider the following.

Perhaps at a glance, Colorado Hardscapes appears expensive compared to other local decorative concrete contractors. When the details in our calculations are reviewed, clients find our inclusions, higher-quality, proprietary products, and 70-years of experience in Colorado readily account for any differences in price.

Colorado Hardscapes has more decorative concrete installations in Front Range Colorado than any other contractor, and we’re delighted to show them off. We will gladly provide a long list of similar work stretching back over several decades. The concrete we poured 20 or 30 years ago still looks fantastic today. Our work is remarkable for lasting durability, consistent finishes, obsessively straight saw cuts, and obvious cohesion with architectural intent. We will bring your vision to life.

Our ability to produce small scale samples showing the many thousand possibilities of concrete is a key facilitator in Colorado Hardscapes’ collaboration with owners, designers, and decision makers on aesthetics. Samples allow the sometimes seemingly insignificant differences between choices to be carefully considered beside other materials, finishes, context, or contributors. We agree, everything matters.

For many of our larger, more complex projects, Colorado Hardscapes takes the sample program to the next level by installing mock-ups of the work as planned. Our mock-ups include examples of everything – saw cuts, expansion joints, edges, caulking, reinforcement, finish, color, sealers, and whatever else is expected. What you see is what you’ll get and, if you want to change it, there is still time. These can range in size from as small as 3’x3′ up to as large as 10’ x 10’.

Colorado Hardscapes is proud to be a licensed representative of several national concrete products lines. Each of these highly-regarded brands is composed of proprietary products and finishing techniques that expressly can’t be installed by just any contractor. We are dedicated to our craft and understand the value of insisting on top-quality products and materials that last a lifetime. We won’t let you down and neither will they.

The details of each project are particular. So are the details in our estimates. Colorado Hardscapes takes special pride in being the concrete contractor of choice for many of Colorado’s largest General Contractors and respected by peers across every trade. We take time to protect adjacent surfaces that could be negatively affected by our work. We layout saw cuts before cutting them to assure precision and use edge grinders to finish them flush. We seal every surface we install and perform a final cleaning to ensure consistency in both color and finish.

Colorado Hardscapes is dedicated to top-quality decorative concrete incorporating premium products installed by committed craftsmen and built to last. Understand, there are lasting implications of choosing anything less than the best, regardless of cost.