Classes Offered

Aia approved classes Provided by bomanite
Exposed aggregate flatwork done on exterior pathway at office building.

Aggregates in Decorative Concrete

1-hour credit
AIA CU/HSW Course Number: Concrete 203

Course Objectives:
1. Understand the dynamics sand and aggregates have to the overall appearance of decorative concrete
2. Explore decorative concrete options beyond traditional exposed aggregate
3. Understand the risks and challenges associated with adding decorative aggregates or materials to concrete mix designs
4. Identify 4 decorative aggregate techniques to create different options for decorative concrete

Design Center at Chenango office

Architectural Concrete Design Center Tour

1-hour credit
AIA CU/HSW Course number: Design 101

Course Objectives:
1. Have a thorough understanding of the array of possibilities decorative concrete entails by seeing different options
2. Compare the attributes of products used for indoor flatwork versus outdoor flatwork
3. Encounter different types of color systems and finish techniques used when developing designs
4. View samples of products used for artificial rock & water features to better understand their dynamics

Rockwork with simulated waterfall at park

Artificial Rock Design & Construction

1-hour credit
AIA CU/HSU Course Number: Rocks 101

Course Objectives:
1. Identify 3 design considerations that should go into every design with natural or artificial rocks
2. Understand the dynamics of coloration and weathering for artificial rocks
3. Explain the effect of social responsibility and impact landscaping design and artificial rock design has on projects
4. Explore when, why, and how to design and build with artificial rock versus real rock

Arial view of the Decorative Concrete installed by Colorado Hardscapes over at Johnson Habitat Park

Concrete in Parks

1-hour credit
AIA CU/HSW Course Number: Concrete 204

Course Objectives:
1. Identify 4 different vertical decorative concrete options for parks and playgrounds
2. Explore different coloring options for decorative concrete flatwork in parks
3. Explain different finish options and benefits of each in a park setting
4. Understand the process required to construct different decorative concrete elements

Crew constructing office stairs

Decorative Concrete Construction Details

1-hour credit
AIA CU/HSW Course number: Concrete 201

Course Objectives:
1. Identify key attributes of decorative concrete mix designs
2. Compare concrete reinforcement options
3. Discover the difference between control joints, expansion joints, and decorative joints
4. Define 3 ways to color new concrete and 7 different ways to finish the same mix of concrete

Sedimentary wall has aggregate within wall

Decorative Concrete Site Walls

1-hour credit
AIA CU/HSW Course Number: Concrete 202

Course Objectives:
1. Understand the basic requirements to detailing a site wall
2. Identify details in specifying decorative concrete site walls
3. Identify wall finish options
4. Define the challenges and constraints of decorative concrete site walls and how to overcome them

Denver Union Station Water Feature with lights and pop jets

Designing with Water

1-hour credit
AIA CU/HSW Course Number: Water 201

Course Objectives:
1. Identify which questions need to be asked in order to design a water feature to meet budget and design intent
2. Understand the mechanics of what goes into water features
3. Identify 3 types of water features
4. Explore the budgeting considerations when developing a water feature design for a client

Sandscape® flatwork on bridge over creek. Decorative Sawcuts on Flatwork - Colorado Hardscapes a paver alternative

Exterior Decorative Concrete Overview

1-hour credit
AIA CU/HSW Course number: Concrete205

Course Objectives:
1. Identify three different ways to color concrete
2. Understand how to incorporate decorative concrete finishes in horizontal and vertical applications
3. Understand at least five different finishing techniques for exterior decorative concrete
4. Identify four different decorative finishes for cast-in-place concrete site walls

Outdoor walkway next to sedimentary wall with different colored concrete

Innovation in Concrete

1-hour credit
AIA CU/HSW Course number: Concrete101

Course Objectives:
1. Identify 7 different types of exterior concrete finishes and coloring options available.
2. Identify 5 different options for vertical applications.
3. Identify 4 different options in finishes and coloring for interior applications.
4. Identify 4 unique solutions from concrete in design and landscape applications.