Design Center

Samples, Specs, Showroom & Support

Our Design Center is more than just the showroom itself. We call it the 4 S’s – Samples, Specs, Showroom & Support. If you are in need of ideas, samples, budget numbers or just general support, we are here to help. Our Design Center (located at 9000 E. Chenango Ave Suite 200) is where you will find the ability to get all your questions answered in one place. Come in and meet with us to talk through your client’s next project. 

However we understand if you can’t make it down right away. Take a look below for some starting points in the mean time. Just remember colors can be different in person than on a screen, so please do not make any final decisions from the pictures you see without getting a physical sample or mock up.


Sandscape Sample Boxes

Our Sandscape Sample Boxes have three different color palettes; Subtle, Standard and Premium. As you can imagine the amount of color added to the concrete mix increases in the standard and premium boxes and this may increase the price.  These three boxes show several of our Sandscape color options but not all. We would love to show you more options in our Showroom.

Sandscape Refined Sample Box

Sometimes Sandscape with an integral color does not provide the right color mix or vibrancy that you’re looking for on a project. That is where our Sandscape Refined samples come into play. We have so many options in color, adding mirror glass or jelly bean glass. The possibilities in our Sandscape Refined samples are nearly endless. However below is our current Sandscape Refined sample box.

Our Mixed Sample Box

When you are not sure if Sandscape or Sandscape Refined is the right way to go we can create mixed sample boxes. The one below shows a wide range of our popular color options, some even with black sand. We are always happy to customize a box as well, simply call or visit us and we can help provide the samples you need.


Looking for resources for spec writing? While we would love to talk with you regarding those details we know you might just need a quick reference point. We are happy to help. As proud licensee of Bomanite we currently use their specs. Below are links to download the Bomanite Spec Documents.


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We would love to offer our support on any client project you’re working on. You can reach out to anyone on our team directly. Or you can reach out using our office contact information, listed below for you reference.