What We Do

Colorado Hardscapes focuses on providing the commercial industry the highest quality decorative and architectural concrete in the Denver metro area from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs. Below are the main areas we specialize in.
Each area uses different products or finishes - click to learn more about those products. If you are looking for specifications for products, we do have a few listed on our Design Center page, or you can contact us directly.
Lithomosaic flowers in the park

Architectural Flatwork

Colored, stamped, etched, or sandblasted, today’s architectural concrete is limited only by the imagination. Our Architectural Flatwork division focuses on all the possibilities for your outdoor horizontal surfaces.

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Outdoor walkway next to sedimentary wall with different colored concrete

Decorative Walls

Retaining walls, seat walls, and other vertical concrete adds depth, texture, and continuity to designs. Our team excels at the most challenging aspects of architectural concrete.

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Kiddie pool with pop jets and zero depth entry at the Vista Clubhouse in Genesee done by Colorado Hardscapes.

Swimming Pools

Curved, linear, in-ground or rooftop, pools enhance the places we live, work, and play. We help owners assure long-lasting value and maintainability in decision-making.

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Denver Union Station Water Feature with lights and pop jets

Water Features

Areas animated by water become focal points of placemaking. Colorado Hardscapes helps pre-think choices to assure our water features are long-lasting, easily-maintained, beautiful assets.

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Rockwork with simulated waterfall at park

Artisan Rocks

Sculpting rock from concrete requires a special blend of technical expertise and artistic mastery. Our artists create geologically-rich rock formations that look and last just like the real thing.

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Shotcrete rockwork on zoo rocks in elephant exibit.

Zoo Experience

Recreating habitats from across the world while meeting increased safety standards is no easy task. That’s why at Colorado Hardscapes, we know we are the best ones for the job.

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