1919 Mile High

Sitting next to Empower Field, with the best view of downtown Denver, is the new 1919 Mile High Apartment complex. There, our crew installed a variety of work, including, a drive area, sidewalks, curb & gutter, stairs, walls, and a wheelchair ramp.

Contracted by The Opus Group, we first came to the site to install 1,500 LF of the curb & gutter. A few months later, we placed the rest of the work including the 22,270 SF of flatwork. Our team took significant care to line up the joints on the drive area to the curb and gutter, creating a seamless and tidy look.

Although Sandscape was chosen in the original plans, the Bands were set to be pavers. We invited The Opus Group to our Design Center to help suggest some other decorative concrete options and they ended up loving Sandscape Refined with crushed mirror and worked with us to get a custom color.

1919 Mile High was an amazing project to be a part of for three main reasons: 1) The iconic location. 2) Our efficient relationship with The Opus Group. 3) Change orders for more decorative concrete.