5050 S. Syracuse

Civitas, a local landscape architecture firm, approached us regarding a high-end office building being planned in DTC. It immediately became very apparent that ordinary concrete flatwork would not be acceptable. The desire for Sandscape® (our premium version of sand finish) texture without the red, tan, and brown of our Platte River sand, made Sandscape® Refined a natural choice. Therefore allowing a wider range of color options to match the building scheme of black and white.

Our crew installed “Ashen Diamond” Sandscape® Refined with mirror glass, in the pedestrian walkway along the building along with the contrasting Dark Gray broom finished concrete in the driving lane. As a result of the excellent work is the consistency of the Sandscape® Refined finish. As well as, the nicely executed sawcut joints, and in the layout and detailing of the lights in the pavement. Even though there was a strong push to complete the project on time. The finished product met the goals of the design, and the quality shines through.