DTC Water Feature

In 2017, Goldsmith Metropolitan District searched for someone to build DTC (Denver Tech Center) a water feature memorial for one of their longest-working General Managers, Doug Scott. Today, you can find this water feature/memorial on the northwest side of the Belleview and Syracuse intersection. In collaboration with OLC Aquatics, Colorado Hardscapes built the feature with a variety of unique characteristics.

The upper basin’s radius wall acts as a waterfall and flows into the lower basin. The final result is a fan-shaped feature. The upper basin’s radius wall has a dark grey integral-colored Sandscape while the lower has an uncolored Sandscape wall. In addition to the walls, the floors are all Sandscape on the DTC water feature. The upper basin includes geyser nozzle displays and synchronized lighting tied to the feature across Syracuse St. Also in the upper basin sits the centerpiece light was installed by others.

More than just the aesthetic aspects of the feature, Colorado Hardscapes also installed the maintenance vault, all mechanical components, and all associated piping.