Otra Vez Cantina

At the Otra Vez Cantina, off of 16th St, you’ll find amazing Mexican cuisine, specialized drinks, and a blend of modern and traditional Mexican décor. During the construction of the cantina, by request of Jordy Construction, we installed several rock wall veneers. These work in contribution to the theme and were all done by our artisan rock division. Moreover, the veneers lie on top of preexisting walls and provide only an aesthetic function.

The construction process started with applying a thin layer of concrete to the walls. After that, our team laid rock-textured mats on top of the concrete. Next, our artisan rock artists hand-painted each wall from top to bottom, leaving a breathtakingly natural result. After completing our portion of the project, a local Coloradan artist used our veneer as a canvas for their wall art. The iconic wall art fits perfectly with the colors of the faux rock wall and the overall theme of the cantina. To visit the Otra Vez Cantina website, click here.