Red-Tailed Hawk Park

Make-a-wish took on the task to design an amazing inclusive park for all kids no matter their physical capabilities or limits. Therefore a redesign happened over at the Red-Tailed Hawk Park. As a result, you have a sensory-filled park for all to love.
Colorado Hardscapes installed three parts over at this inclusive Red-Tailed Hawk Park;
  • the sensory wall,
  • the wavy walk,
  • and sandblasted designs
The sensory wall was poured with multiple textures, colors, impressions and glass beads to appeal to multiple senses. The wall uses several elements, including a custom Form Liner, Lithomosaics and color. We, first constructed this wall at our inventory bay and then transported it to the park location. The wavy walkway’s design is unique for children in wheelchairs. Allowing them to feel the ups and downs similar to those of a roller coaster.   The sandblasting ties into the decorative designs incorporated in the flatwork and playground surface material.