USAFA Air Gardens

The USAFA Air Gardens project, down in Colorado Springs, has been another monumental accomplishment for Colorado Hardscapes. We restored 15 reflecting pools and installed 36,000 SF of flatwork. Additionally, we cut eight miles of sawcuts and accommodated lighting underneath 20 bridges. Due to all of the complexities, The U.S. Air Force Academy made sure to choose someone with extensive concrete experience.

Chosen by the client, we installed a custom, bright white topping mix. The plaster used in the pools was a dark ebony color by Diamond Brite. Colorado Hardscapes worked through many challenges. Some challenges include getting concrete trucks through the check-in line before the concrete was out of spec and adding all-new individual filtration systems to each pool. Moreover, we figured out how to install the vertical finish to the coping and thickened edges around the pools and even developed a new method of mixing materials.

This renovation project began when the alumni of the classes of 1972, 1975, & 1976 desired for the space to be turned back into the memorable area it once was. Even with lots of snow, wind, rain, and traffic, 35+ employees pushed through. In addition to beautiful results, there were no lost days from injuries at the USAFA Air Gardens!