Broadstone Wren Apartments

Back in 2018, we had the chance to install the Bomanite Imprinted (stamped) deck and coping at the first Broadstone Montane Apartments in Parker, CO. In 2022, Colorado Hardscapes completed a variety of work at the Broadstone Wren apartments. Our scope of work here includes a turnkey pool, spa, deck, clubhouse entry, and parking paving.

The pool measured 1,382 SF (32,306 gallons), while the spa measured 166 SF (3,225 gallons). The flatwork in the amenity area consists of colored and Bomanite Imprinted copings and colored Sandscape. The drainage of the deck was tricky to install due to the pool‘s shape. Our crews installed a trench drain to address the difficult sloping elevations. We paid special attention to the control joint layout around the pool and spa, again due to its unique shape.

The clubhouse entry was a mixture of 3 concrete finishes: colored Sandscape, uncolored Sandscape, and broomed gray concrete. The intricate design called for lots of preplanning of the bands and crosswalk to ensure the final installation laid out perfectly with the architecture of the building.

We worked with Alliance Residential (GC) and Norris Design as the Landscape Architect. All in all, Colorado Hardscapes successfully completed this project with great results that we achieved thanks to skillful planning and execution as well as an experienced team of hardworking professionals. Most importantly, our employees worked safely throughout the duration of the Broadstone Wren apartments.