Denver Premium Outlets

On September 27, 2018, Denver Premium Outlets opened as Denver’s newest shopping destination. Built by Whiting­ Turner and designed by Kimley Horn, this 94­acre project features not only 70+ stores but more impressively, 7 of Colorado Hardscapes’ decorative concrete products.

Everywhere you look you see Colorado Hardscapes’ work.

We poured 45,000 sq. ft. of flatwork throughout the five shopping galleries using both broomed and Sandscape® Texture (our premium version of sand finish). Additionally, we used Cobblestone and Sierra integral colors. Bands along walls and raised curbs around planters define the planting and softscape areas.

Even if you’re not a shopper, a visit to DPO is still worth the trip.

Twenty­ two thousand sq. ft. of Capitol Hill Sandscape® with a heavy etch finish creates an impressive backdrop for the area. Main attractions for kids include climbing walls, dinosaur bones and a 30’ high slide. Along with all the flatwork, installation of over 500 linear ft. sedimentary walls can be seen all around the site setting off landscape areas. The walls poured in 4 lifts and stained to define each layer of concrete.  Colorado Hardscapes also installed 4 simulated rock features: one in the central plaza and 3 in the play area. Each feature is big enough that they could not be created using real stone. Instead, the shotcrete boulders were hand-carved and colored to match the smaller natural rocks used throughout the site. The 8’ tall rock in the play area even has a built­in tunnel.

Two water features finish off the work installed by Colorado Hardscapes. The first architectural water feature is created by granite slabs as the perimeter edge. The granite, which came from Minnesota, was designed and cut in such a way that the water simply cascades over the edge and down the side for a dramatic effect. The central fountain is flanked by natural stone and contains 3 nozzles. The last type of work installed on the project by CHI was the caulking – well over a mile of expansion joints were caulked.