Flatiron Marketplace Apartments

At the Flatiron Marketplace Apartments, located off Flatiron Crossing Dr. and the Denver-Boulder Turnpike, Colorado Hardscapes had the opportunity to install the pool deck, retail plaza, and multifamily courtyard. In total, we placed 18,828 sq. ft. of flatwork in both broom and Sandscape finishes. We also installed a decorative Sandscape seat wall, along with several architecturally exposed walls in Sandscape, smooth trowel, and broom finishes.

Products Used

Contracted by Brinkmann Constructors and designed by Norris Design, this project called for a combination of uncolored broom finish concrete, Capitol Hill Sandscape, and integral color Sandscape flatwork. Colorado Hardscapes pushes for Sandscape to be placed around pool decks due to its walkability and anti-slip texture, so we were more than excited when a “sand finish” was specified on this deck. Overall, the combination of textures and colors is something you could typically see on a multifamily project. However, this project stands out above the rest. The addition of decorative sawcuts, color schemes, and radii adds an element of intricacy.


Due to supply constraints with precast pavers, our client approached. They wanted to see what options we could provide in lieu of the specified pavers at one of the courtyards. We recommended pouring cast in place integral color concrete to match the adjacent plazas and cutting decorative sawcuts the concrete to mimic the appearance of pavers on a 1’x1’ grid. The owner end up with the look of pavers with the benefits of poured in place concrete.

Complications on this project included difficult scheduling and coordination with the many other subs on-site. Continuing, the layout and placement of the large amounts of sawcuts became another hurdle. Despite these complications, our work especially impressed the owners and they made a point to compliment us. They could tell the difference in quality and the attention to detail. A decorative concrete installer brings extra quality to a project vs. a general site work concrete sub.


We love how this project turned out. Between the colors, sawcuts, and finishes, the hardscapes at Flatiron Marketplace Apartments bring a distinctive look to this complex. Installed by others: All pool coping, and some sections of gray work.