Meridian Water Feature

Now, drivers going east on Lincoln, over I-25, have an unforgettable view of the new Meridian sign. This new Meridian water feature incorporates 25 feet of waterfall and artisan rockwork. Unlike many other features, we designed it to run all year long.

We acted as both designer and general contractor on this project, giving us full control of the process. The vision for this feature started off with a drawing and then took form in a ¼”th scale maquette. After showing the maquette to Meridian Metro District and Shea Properties, they approved the design and we began the construction process.

This feature is comprised of two main parts. The first part has the upper rock waterfall and basin, which we built on 25ft caissons. Using GFRC, we set the rock forms into place and proceeded to paint them according to the maquette. This feature runs off of plus or minus 1,000 gals per minute and is circulated within the upper basin.

The second part of the feature is the stream feature. It runs on plus or minus 400 gals per minute from the existing pump and circulates water from the existing pond to the upper basin. Moreover, it may run independently from the waterfall feature, but the stream pump must always be on while running the waterfall feature. The waterfall just upstream from the newly built bridge crossing is an added element meant to give an audible sensory experience for anyone crossing over

The entire feature ranges in depth from a few inches deep to 2ft deep. Specifically, the upper basin is 2ft deep and also incorporates lighting to match the Meridian sign placed behind it. We used colored concrete with different sizes of cobble that were wet-set into the mix for both the stream basin and basin floors. Furthermore, we placed natural boulders along the sides of the stream feature.

We loved working on this project even though there were several challenges to overcome. So, if you’re ever in the Meridian area, make sure to stop by and take a look. Thank you to all of our crews who helped make the Meridian water feature an iconic project.