Johnson Habitat Park

Johnson Habitat Park is part of a larger vision of restoring the riverfront along the South Platte River. DHM Design created a landscape design which both educated and inspired park-goers to learn about Colorado, nature and the river. Therefore, they included many unique features that required creative constructibility problem-solving.

Colorado Hardscapes worked with the team to help create multiple elements within the park. You will find large river boulders out of shotcrete for a nestled campground on the site. A play area with a hollowed-out tree made of concrete. A compass rose near the educational building with Bominate Imprinted Concrete and Color Hardener panels. A concrete overlook over the river. Then, finally, a flower plaza with sandblasting, planter wall, Color Hardener, and Lithomosaics.

Colorado Hardscapes worked with ECI to create this one-of-a-kind park for the City of Denver. As a result of the design, Johnson Habitat Park inspires and educates the community. The final product is beautiful with its incorporation of multiple colors and textures.