Mehaffey Park

ECI originally came to Colorado Hardscapes for this project seeking value engineering ideas for a 12-14 foot tall stacked stone wall. Additionally, the City wanted a rock wall to encompass their new playground while keeping natural to the Colorado landscape. Hence, the natural-looking rock walls at Mehaffey Park were born.

Through some discussions and budgeting, ECI and Colorado Hardscapes presented the idea of creating the rock walls out of di Giacomo GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) Artisan Rocks. Not only did this application save money it also created the design both the design team and the City desired.

Di Giacomo Artisan Rocks crafted the walls. This was the perfect alternative source for many of the natural sandstone boulders around the entirety of Mehaffey Park. By observing the local geomorphology of Loveland, the artisans at Colorado Hardscapes created a durable and aesthetic solution within budget. They also created concrete log tunnels, a balance beam, and a cobble stream bed.