Market Station

Several years ago, plans were discussed for a new development at Market Station. The development would include retail, office, and residential. Dig Studio worked on the hardscape design on decks, along the streets, and throughout the paseo. The paseo is where one would normally find the alley.

Dig Studio consulted with Colorado Hardscapes, especially on ways to enhance the paseo paving. They decided on Sandscape finishes, special scoring, and staining of alternate panels in the paving. Eventually, we would install these on and around a snowmelt system throughout the paseo. The slate look of the Paseo works well in the active space where the public enjoys food, drink, art, and interaction.

The scope of work has included various walls, benches, trench drains, planter walls, planter curbs, broom finished sidewalks, Sandscape® sidewalks, truncated domes, curb and gutter, storm inlets, specialty sawcuts, staining, and MicroTop. Overall, our experience working on Market Station was just as enjoyable as the project is beautiful.