McGregor Square

McGregor Square, an urban multi-use facility, now sits adjacent to Coors Field on Wazee and 19th Street. The general contractor, Hensel Phelps, asked Colorado Hardscapes to install several components on the project. Our crew did an excellent job integrating the following: Polished benches, Capitol Hill Sandscape®, gray broomed concrete, custom trench drains,  stairs, and a few ADA ramps. We installed trenches and benches on the Wynkoop walkway and we added all other work to the center courtyard.

In collaboration with the designer, Stantec, we went through three generations of mock-ups for the polished benches. The biggest challenges were forming the benches and setting the grades in relationship to the plaza. Moreover, we combined a form-finished face with a polished top. Through the development of these mock-up benches, the client got exactly what they were looking for.

The polished benches combined with the flatwork at McGregor Square have contributed to a fun, memorable space for those going to Coors Field, stopping by for a meal, or living in the area.