Southlands Mall Water Feature

The Southlands Mall Water Feature project gave us a chance to show how awesome and interesting water features can be. We secured the project towards the end of 2019 and began construction in early 2020.

Southlands Mall decided to completely renovate the entire plaza area in front of their movie theater. Additionally, they re-branded the area as “The Peak at Southlands”. This Pop Jet water feature was the main spectacle of this new space. This water feature involved using top-of-the-line equipment and finishes. We installed all new mechanical equipment in addition to brand new nozzles and lights from Crystal Fountains. Three different nozzles were installed: Dynamite Blasts, Choreoswitch, and Leaper nozzles were all used. In addition, the Dynamite Blasts and Choreswitches each have integral colored LED lights. Also, Colorado Hardscapes placed a large reservoir tank installed between the water feature basin and the mechanical room to help with water balance.

Furthermore, the clients chose elevated 2’x2’ pedestal pavers as the finish for the water feature above the basin area. These pavers have a very high-quality finish, even considering the elevated expectations that Colorado Hardscapes has come to expect. Since the basin area does not have a square shape and does not exist parallel to the rest of the plaza, we hand-placed each of these pavers. All of these aspects came together to deliver a product that impressed the client. Moreover, the mall celebrated the Southlands Water Feature with its own unveiling to an audience of about 150 parents and their children on 9/25.

Amazing job! Thank you to the many individuals from the water feature division who contributed to this project.