Spire Condos

Centennial Realty Advisors, contacted Colorado Hardscapes when they could not remove troublesome staining from the Spire Condos’ pool deck. Knowing that we performed the original work in 2010-2011, they hoped we had a solution for them. We met with the Lead building Engineer, as well as the Property Manager to review their situation. Then we offered options for hiding the staining. White exposed aggregate previously existed around the pools, and broom finished Sandstone for the pool deck. We suggested the Bomanite Microtop ST product as a solution. Further, we looked at the various colors of Microtop ST. They quickly picked the MTST #5 for the pool and amenity deck. The Sandstone pool and amenity decks consisted of 7,381 sf and the white pool perimeters at 1,190 sf.

The Special Projects Division team spent six weeks working on the project and the result was spectacular. Steve Barrett with Centennial Realty Advisors expressed that he was more than impressed with our employees’ attention to detail. He said he never saw one time where they tried to cut a corner. Steve also said that as a past contractor, he has never worked with a company more dedicated to the final outcome than Colorado Hardscapes.

Due to the commitment and dedication of our eployees, Steve had no hesitation at requesting additional work. This work consisted of adding:

  • Pool marker tiles to replace the stick on pieces they had
  • Microtop ST to an exterior wall
  • Caulking on the inside of the exterior walls.

The final product is outstanding and one that our employees should be proud of. The Microtop St transformed the dingy stained area to a consistent beautiful looking amenity area that the Spire Condos occupants should be happy with for years.