Cherry Hills Residence Hydrascapes

A Stunning Example of High-End Permeable Paving

Located in the picturesque neighborhood of Cherry Hills, Colorado, this residential project is a stunning showcase of the best of modern paving techniques and technology.

Completed in September of 2023, this project was a collaborative effort between Colorado Hardscapes, Anderson Construction, Phase One Landscapes, and the homeowner.

The parties involved considered various paving options. After careful evaluation of finishes, colors, and costs, selected Capitol Hill Sandscape for the driveway. We also created a unique 3′ x 6′ linear scoring pattern to complement the finish. The driveway was installed with a Hydrascapes system of permeable paving, allowing surface water to pass through the slab for storage in a free-draining gravel base with ultimate infiltration back into the sub-grade.

The client also selected the color whitestone in a Sandscape Refined finish for the patios and stepstone walkways. The contrasting colors beautifully complement the darker tones of the house, creating an elegant and sophisticated look.

One of the most significant challenges of the project was the steep driveway leading down to the lower-level garage door. To mitigate any potential risks of water damage, Colorado Hardscapes installed a large 12″ ACO trench drain.

Overall, the project team worked diligently to ensure that we completed the Cherry Hills Residence project to the highest standard. The result is a visually stunning and functional paving solution that will serve the homeowner for years to come.