Kentucky & Irving Park

Kentucky & Irving Park is a community-oriented project that has transformed an empty lot of land into an interactive public space. Our team, in collaboration with PCL Construction and Stream Landscape Architecture, played a crucial role in realizing the project’s vision of creating this gathering space.

Our scope of work on this project involved the following.

  • Forming and placing uncolored decorative walls with four unique patterns- Achieved with custom form liners provided by Scott System
  • An uncolored broom-finish basketball court
  • Various skate park elements, uncolored and in a smooth trowel finish
  • Surrounding standard gray sidewalks 


Aside from the functional and aesthetic aspects of the project, Kentucky & Irving Park has brought a new sense of community to the surrounding neighborhoods and schools. Park visitors now have access to an inclusive space to play, exercise, and socialize.

Our team is privileged to have played a role in ensuring the success of the Kentucky & Irving Park project. We are confident that the park will create enduring benefits for the community for many years to come.