Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo unveiled the newest addition to their remarkable zoo, the Encounter Africa Exhibit. This exhibit would be home to lions, their new black rhino, elephants, and meerkats. The zoo itself has a remarkable view of the city. Therefore, the designer, Portico Group, capitalized on this great asset with their design.

To pull in the African terrain for the exhibit on the side of a mountain was certainly challenging. But the team of Portico, JE Dunn, the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, and Colorado Hardscapes worked together to create kopje rocks, termite mounds, logs, trees, and granite cliffs to give the African animals a dynamic home and zoo visitors a unique experience. All elements were built using our Shotcrete method, and then hand stained to match the natural look.

At home in their new exhibits, the elephants play in their new pool and waterfall. The meerkats perch atop their new termite mound and play around the concrete log, the rhinos will splash in their new pool and the lion will rule the zoo on their kopje rocks that overlook the zebras and giraffes.