Denver Union Station

Early in the design discussions about the redevelopment of Denver Union Station, Colorado Hardscapes participated in budget discussions. Making sure to set the right expectations for the water feature.  As time went by, the relationship strengthened with Kiewit due to these conversations. Resulting in Colorado Hardscapes contracting to build an interactive feature, including all the structural and mechanical components.

With 92 programmable nozzles, hundreds of feet of piping, and large below-grade vaults for water storage and mechanical equipment, the bulk of the expense of the feature is below grade.
Above grade, you find the ambiance. The playfulness and the intrigue of a feature captured the attention of thousands of people. Even if they simply pass by in a hurry on their way to their next activity.  Additionally, you will see thousands of kids (ages 1 to 99) enjoying the water, playing games of timing as they scamper through the pop jets trying to stay dry.
Certainly, the water feature is the highlight of the Denver Union Station plaza.