Monarch Black Hawk Casino

After 5 years of construction, Monarch Black Hawk Casino finally wrapped up its final touches. After completing the building’s major renovations, it opened up to the public in November 2020.  The casino doubled its size to provide expanded amenities to its customers. What better way to welcome people to the luxury casino than to provide a luxury drop-off area? After all, first impressions are everything.

PCL Construction contracted Colorado Hardscapes in mid-2018 to install over 14,000 sq. ft. of decorative concrete in the new porte cochere area.  Bomanite stamped and stained concrete was a part of the specification from day one.  Working closely with the project’s designer, the architect honed in on two different coordinating colors of Bomanite stamped concrete and two colors of the Sandscape Texture finish. The mix of colors and textures provided specific visual paths to keep cars in specific lanes and to designate curbs and pedestrian-friendly areas.  Moreover, the selected colors and textures were picked to enhance the stone veneer and copper-covered columns in the area.  We installed V cut joints throughout all the concrete for the control and decorative joints.  A radiant heat system in the concrete keeps the entire area warm and free of snow during the winter months.

Every project has its challenges; In this case, the challenge was the snowmelt system.  Coordination with the other sub-contractors, specifically the snowmelt subcontractor was a full-time job.  Claiming workspace for decent size daily pours while maintaining slopes and jointing layout took a lot of preplanning and quality control.  Pouring 4 different concrete types through the snowmelt system was a forming challenge. Still, Colorado Hardscapes was able to provide a consistent-looking concrete installation across the entire area. The buildout for Monarch Black Hawk Casino took 12 months from start to final punch list completion.