Storyrock Rammed Earth Walls

The Storyrock Rammed Earth Walls constructed by Progressive Hardscapes, perfectly resemble the ancient and modern style of the neighborhood. Our sister company, Progressive Hardscapes worked with Storyrock Home Development, HRD Construction, and Land Resources Project Management to install these four beautiful Rammed Earth walls.

You can find the sign wall off 128th St & Ranch Gate Rd in Scottsdale and the three other gate walls a quarter-mile east from there. In total, Progressive Hardscapes placed 44 linear feet of walls. Furthermore, the colors used include different amounts of Cohills’ dry color in Mocha Caramel and Toasted Almond.

In all, Progressive Hardscapes put together four mock-up walls to get the perfect gradation mixture and color palette. However, after trial and error, it was clear that the many mock-ups had a huge part in the project’s success. It had little to no bug holes, a PSI above 3000, and perfectly selected colors.

Since completing this project, many others are asking for business cards and Progressive Hardscapes has the second Storyrock underway already.