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Making A Splash!

Bomanite imprinted pool deck at Vantage Point Apartments.

Colorado Hardscapes proudly announces a new pool construction division as an expansion of services in 2020. 

Having earned a reputation for excellence in architectural flatwork, water features, and artisan rockwork over countless projects, we now proudly offer turn-key solutions for commercial pool construction. As you likely know, pools can be very expensive and extremely complicated. Moreover, they require a lot of coordination between designers, contractors, and many overlapping subcontractors. By offering in-house services, we expect the reduction of many unnecessary complications.

Division Evolution:

About 30 years ago, our Water Features Division consisted of feature basin assembly only. Over time, we decided to create an in-house plumbing and mechanical branch. As a result of this development, Colorado Hardscapes started independently constructing aquatic features. Likewise, for the last 30 years, our pool division was nothing more than decks and coping. Within that time, turn-key packages were continually requested by clients. Although we had in-house plumbing available, we knew we lacked other resources for pool projects. As CEO Torrey DeMasters put it, “We were in need of people with plenty of experience; ‘Champions of Pools’ so to speak.”

Adding Experience:

Now, in 2020, Colorado Hardscapes extends a hearty handshake and warm welcome to these “Champions of Pools”, Keith McLay and Adam Christ. Keith and Adam join us with a combined 45-years of experience in all aspects of commercial and residential pool construction. Their arrival, along with previous hire Mike Norton, now makes us strategically positioned to pursue Colorado’s most complex and challenging commercial, recreational, resort, and residential pools as a turn-key solution or a suite of services. Furthermore, Adam and Keith commit themselves to quality and will add to the wealth of knowledge and wonderful comradery Colorado Hardscapes has.

Our Pools Vision:

We foresee this new division in-hand with our other divisions to create specialized swimming pools for each client. When bathers go to the pool, its ambiance has the potential to influence their whole experience. As a decorative concrete company, this is something we know well. That being said, whether you choose to add a Lithomosaic, tanning shelf, artisan rock climbing wall, or other interactive features, the possibilities for your future pool plans go as far as your imagination will take you.

In short, bringing in skillful individuals combined with our precedent for quality and years of expertise has set us up for a smooth transition into our next adventure. We look forward to all of the future developments made in 2020 and beyond. 

Colorado Hardscapes

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