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Earth Tones in Sedimentary Walls

Sedimentary planter walls create a unique layered look around these planter beds.


Appreciation for nature’s rugged beauty and natural elements is the essence of almost any Colorado experience. The reference points get celebrated frequently in our architecture as well. Colorado Hardscapes is a licensed installer of Lithocrete® Sedimentary Walls.

Which echo a long geological history through a layering of materials meant to replicate the effects of millennia compressed into moments. These sedimentary walls are similar to rammed earth. However, unlike rammed earth walls, their construction is 100% concrete. Building on a similar look and effect of stacking a wall, as you get with rammed earth. These concrete walls have a higher psi, making them stronger and able to stand at a thinner profile. Additionally, achieving the designers’ choice of either gradually different or wildly divergent layers is possible when placing batches of concrete in separate lifts. The aesthetics of the finished product, in this instance, are readily controllable with forethought.

Similar to other types of vertical concrete walls, it is important to ensure sedimentary walls are installed properly. The concrete will need to have proper expansion and control joints and the appropriate sealers and coatings. When thoughtfully designed and built, these walls are naturally beautiful. Which adds a distinct feeling of the Colorado landscape to any project.

Read more about the Denver Premium Outlet project here. Otherwise, you can contact us regarding adding a wall to your next project. Please email [email protected] or call (303) 750-8200 or visit our design center.

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