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Decorative Concrete That Lasts

Stamped decorative concrete that lasts at the Radisson Hotel.

If you are looking for decorative concrete that lasts, it is important that you choose a contractor with a work record that still looks good decades later. At Colorado Hardscapes, we use only the highest quality materials and techniques to ensure that your project is not only beautiful but will stay that way. Continue reading for a list of our favorite decorative concrete projects that have withstood weathering and traffic through the years.

The Radisson Hotel

Photo Taken 2021

On the top of our list for durability is the Radisson Hotel. This project was installed in 1989 and has remained a beautiful, stamped Porte-cochere despite heavy traffic. In this project, we put color hardener on the surface before applying the stamps, creating an even stronger end product. The workmanship of our guys along with an enhanced mix design has allowed this project to withstand the test of time.

The Brown Palace Annex Walk

Photo Taken 2019

Another excellent example of our long-lasting work can be seen on the drive pan near the sidewalks at the Brown Palace in downtown Denver. This is a beautiful project with an uncolored broom finish, hand-tooled joints, and diamonds at the intersections of the joints. Although installed in 1988 and put through heavy automotive and foot traffic, this project has kept its same look. Using a high early mix design, the drive apron was ready for use only two days after installation. This enhanced mix makes this section of the project look as if we installed it only a few years ago. Again, the workmanship of our employees over 30 years ago combined with its enhanced mix design is why we can be proud of this project even today.

Palomino Park Monument Signs

Photo Taken 2022

The third example of our projects lasting the test of time is the monument signs for Palomino Park in Highlands Ranch. This project includes groups of large GFRC rocks on the edges of each of the two monument signs. Installed in 1998, this sign wall still looks as beautiful as the day we installed it. As one of our first major artisan rock projects, these GFRC rocks stand out to us as having the durability to last 25 years later and still hold their natural look.

If Anything, Know This…

Decorative concrete, if installed correctly, should look beautiful for decades to come. It is important to trust your project to an experienced contractor who will take the time to do it right the first time. We would love to help you design a project that stands the test of time. You can either call us at 3037508200 or email us at [email protected]. Don’t forget to visit our Design Center! We have hundreds of samples on display for you to choose from and decorative concrete that lasts.

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