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Going Up – Concrete Walls

This picture shows the team hard at work getting the shotcrete wall in place.


Innovation and a process of evolution guides the architectural concrete’s trends across all application types. Where overtime ideas are developed, tested, built, refined, improved, tested, and installed. Over time, Colorado Hardscapes has been at the forefront of innovation in decorative concrete. Combining experience, and innovation with careful research and employee development is how we found ourselves leading the decorative hardscapes in Colorado’s booming market. Which allows us to bring our creativity to concrete walls themselves.

While many in the design and construction industry are aware of architectural concrete’s capacity to commercial projects, in a traditional capacity. These tend to stay restricted to horizontal surfaces. Colorado Hardscapes has a variety of decorative concrete treatments for vertical applications such as stem walls, seat walls, and planter walls. Seeing these outdoor elements as vital components of placemaking, designers are implementing decorative wall treatments to enhance design continuity. 

Colorado has several decorative treatments for developing architectural walls.

Sandscape® Finished Architectural Walls

When we use the sand finish texture of our renewed sandscape® (our premium version of sand finish) to vertical surfaces of almost any scale. Pictures available here.

Lithocrete® Sedimentary Walls

These walls echo a long geological history through a layering of materials. Pictures available here.

Board-formed Concrete Walls

Are texture-rich and tell a story of craftsmanship and permanence as they mimic the look of wood walls. Pictures available here.

Form-liner Walls

Created for a nearly limitless array of textures, styles, and finished surfaces these walls can have standard finishes, as well as, unique designs. Pictures available here.

Form-finished Walls

In order to deliver a smooth concrete surface adding a dramatic expression of industrialized design to juxtapose planted vegetation. Pictures available here.

Shotcrete installing the concrete wall
This picture shows the team hard at work getting the shotcrete wall in place.

Walls at Kent Place

One unique concrete wall application we completed, originally installed in 2011, is over at Kent Place. Using a shotcrete method, which previously we typically use on some of our rock work, like the Boulders at Johnson Habitat Park. We actually installed this wall to cover up existing soil nail and caisson walls. In order to meet budget concerns, we used our innovations by taking our shotcrete method and first creating a shotcrete wall. After that, we took a texture mat to give the wall depth and interest. Then we finalized the wall by creating a stamped concrete look by hand caring the pattern.

Texture mat being applied to the base wall
The texture mat is then put on to create an even texture across the whole wall.
Hand carving the pattern into the wall.
The crew as they hand carve the pattern.

You can see in the pictures that our team of concrete artisans worked hard to create an upscale concrete wall. Clearly the results of their care and craftsmanship rival those expensive applications we mention previously.

Concrete wall final close up view of pattern and texture
This is a final view of the Kent Place concrete wall after the texture and pattern have been applied.

The Results

This wall is not just an example of the quality and craftsmanship we achieve. It also shows the support and teamwork that our project managers offer to our projects. We often meet with designers about how to meet the design look and integrity of their design while staying within the clients budget.

Concrete wall at Kent Place
One section of the Kent Place wall after it was fully installed.

When looking at concrete wall installations there are several considerations beyond just the ascetics. Among these considerations is ensuring a concrete installation with the proper expansion and control joints. As well as skate deterrents, if needed, and the appropriate sealers and coatings to maintain long-lasting beauty and durability.  Let us look at all the details of your next wall project.

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