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Let There be Light – Taking Concrete Lighting to the Next Level.

Sandscape stairs with integrated concrete lighting


When Colorado Hardscapes moved into the new office space last year we had a unique problem. The 2 level office has entrances on opposite sides of the building with just a grass hill connecting them. In order to get a safe walkway from our upper parking lot to our tenant offices below, we need stairs. The next question becomes how to light those stairs, so they don’t become a hazard in the darker hours. The solution came from DEKOR lighting with its concrete lighting system.

Colorado Hardscapes is always looking for the next level in hardscape services and solutions, which is why we were excited to use this system since we had not used it before. We understand that innovation is often a step-by-step process. At Colorado Hardscapes we like thinking outside the box, but not at the expense of unnecessary risks. Our new one-of-a-kind illuminated showroom staircase provides an excellent example of what is possible in concrete lighting.

Thanks to DEKOR Lighting for letting us test out these plug-n-play lights. Duane over at DEKOR described these lights as a simple plug-n-play setup that eliminates the need for a licensed electrician.

DEKOR plug-n-play concrete lights

The Install Process

These lights along with the execution from Colorado Hardscapes’ Superintendent, Jerrod Buys, allowed us to successfully install this innovative lighting feature. The showroom stairs incorporate puck lighting into the risers of three separate steps finished in Sandscape texture.

PVC placed before concrete is poured

Using one-inch dowels and PVC pipe, the first step was to construct conduit raceways inside the concrete formwork before the concrete was then poured. Once the concrete cures, the dowels are then removed and the outside face of each riser is finished. These LED lights, wired with low-voltage direct variable wiring. Future work will easily replicate this process. It creates high-impact illumination that is watertight, safe, and well-protected from the elements or an accidental shovel strike.

The crew hard at work

“Colorado Hardscapes appreciates Decor’s generous donation to this project,” says Torrey DeMasters, CEO.“We’re excited to share our success in as we continue to push the limits of what is possible in decorative hardscapes.”

lights in the concrete stairs
Colorado Hardscapes

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