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Colorado Hardscapes’ 2022 Year Review

DriveTrain Spa with Sandscape coping, hand rail, and drainage.

As we close out 2022, now is the perfect time to reflect on and celebrate the accomplishments of this year. 

From completing many large-scale pool projects to expanding our workforce by 53%, we have achieved many successes and have grown as a team.

Additionally, this year we received several prestigious awards. At this year’s DCC Awards, we were awarded the WOW Award and 1st Place Award for Architectural Cast-In-Place Concrete Structures Over 5,000 SF for our Air Gardens project. Additionally, we were awarded the 2nd place Award for Multiple Applications at Lone Rock Retreat.

Our mission has always been to turn your visions into reality while providing superior quality. This is something that we can say we accomplished once more. Here’s to an amazing 2022 and an even brighter future as we continue on our journey for unceasing growth.

Top Projects of 2022

We’ve had a successful year with several large-scale projects completed throughout the state. Here are some of our favorites on our 2022 year review list:

1. Drivetrain Apartments

First on our list are the Drivetrain Apartments in RiNo Denver. This multifamily building features several gorgeous amenity decks with an unbeatable view. On this project, we had the opportunity to install the pool and spa on the 2nd-floor amenity deck. There, we completed all aspects of installation from design, to electrical, to mechanical, to the surrounding coping. This project made it on our list as just one example of all of the pool projects we’ve installed from start to finish throughout the year.

2. Corporate Office Building

Lone Tree Corporate Campus walls with geometric rustications.

Second up on our 2022 year review list is this corporate office building in Lone Tree. This courtyard features 76,789 SF of decorative grey flatwork and 363 LF of walls all installed by Colorado Hardscapes. Our favorite aspect of this project is without a doubt the custom-formed walls surrounding the property. This project made it to our list for its obvious aesthetics, but also to highlight the decorative potential even grey concrete possesses.

3. Founders Plaza Phase II

Third is Founders Plaza Phase II in Brighton. This phase of the plaza now includes several planter walls, pavers, bike racks, and of course some very decorative flatwork. We got the chance to place colorful broom-finished concrete throughout the area, some more board form planter walls, and even some grey work! We put Founders Plaza Phase II on this list for two reasons. The first is the use of colors. The second is due to our opportunity to come back for the second phase. After completing the first phase in 2018, the landscape architect wanted us back to bring that same level of quality in the second half.

4. Predator Ridge Phase I

Fourth on our list is Predator Ridge at Denver Zoo. This renovated pathway features 8,200 SF of Sandscape flatwork in the color Vista Ridge. The project starts near the entrance of the Zoo and continues all around the predator ridge area. We began by tearing out the existing 18-year-old concrete and then came back in to complete our pours. Doing work at Denver Zoo for decades, we value the chance to create a better environment for both the animals and those going to see them. Additionally, Denver Zoo recently awarded us a general contractor role for the second phase of this project. We are always grateful to make a positive impact at Denver Zoo.

5. Jobs in Progress

Last but not least in our 2022 year review, we want to highlight the variety of significant projects we’ve been working on in 2022. There’s Adams County Veterans Memorial, Presbyterian St. Luke’s Medical Center, Central Park Plaza, and Predator Ridge Phase II, to name a few. Be sure to stay tuned for their completed photos and job profiles!

Thank You All

This year has been filled with exciting projects from each of our divisions! As we look ahead to the new year, we are confident that we will continue to make large strides forward in our industry. We are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of creativity, quality, and efficiency.

If you’re looking for concrete or pool solutions for an upcoming project, come stop by our Design Center! We’d love to help you with all of your questions. You can contact us here!

We wish you a safe and successful New Year!

Colorado Hardscapes

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