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We define “Hardscapes” as the solid, man-made, lasting components of landscape architecture. Flatwork, walls, rockwork, water features, fireplaces, etc. are all examples of hardscapes.

Origin of the name “Colorado Hardscapes”

First Design Center Location

In 1994, we decided to change our name from Van Heukelem Concrete, Inc. in order to distinguish ourselves in the concrete industry. While choosing a new name, we had two important goals in mind. The first was to specify the location in which we installed our work and the second was to give a picture of the type of work we do.

Having previously been exposed to the term “hardscapes”, we knew it perfectly represented who we were and the goals we had. The main correlation is that hardscape systems are inherently decorative, fitting into our niche. After going through the renaming process, we became the original “Hardscapes” in Colorado!

Hardscapes Today

Today, we remain the only decorative, Cast-In-Place company in Colorado with “Hardscapes” in our name. After expanding our scope of work and adding new divisions, our name has been more supported now than ever before. 

While searching for hardscapers in Colorado, you’ll probably find your fair share of paver installers. Although we don’t install pavers, we can provide the same value and more, as mentioned in this blog post. That isn’t to say that pavers cannot work in conjunction with the work we install since some of the most beautiful projects incorporate a variety of products and finishes.

The Future of “Colorado Hardscapes”

We promise to continue to push the boundaries of hardscapes in order to accommodate the needs of our clients and create a better future for Colorado. Wherever our path takes us, we have confidence that our name encompasses the essence of who we are.  

Talk to Our Experts

Design Center Tour with John Buteyn

With over 75 years in our industry, we keep the title of most experienced contractor in Colorado. If you have any questions about the type of work we can do, or how we can be the most effective resource for you, reach out to one of our experts and we would love to meet with you.

Additionally, our Design Center is an amazing place to see, in real life, all of the decorative concrete options we provide. You can also go to our Job Profile page to see old and new projects we’ve completed. 

Start with Colorado Hardscapes, finish with confidence.

Colorado Hardscapes

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