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Colorado Hardscapes’ 2021 Year Review

USAFA Air Gardens overhead shot of memorial, pools, and flatwork done by Colorado Hardscapes 2021.

As we look back on 2021, we see many opportunities to be thankful.

This year, we celebrated 75 years in our industry and made significant milestones in our pool division. We were named contractor of the year by ASLA, were granted a bronze AGC ACE award, and got to be a part of many, one-of-a-kind projects.

Although we do take pride in a job well done, at the root of it all, we have YOU to thank. Without the support of you, our employees, clients, partners, and suppliers, Colorado Hardscapes would not be where we are today. So, thank you, to those most important to us, for your continuous support.

And as part of our yearly review, we put together this list highlighting five of our favorite projects completed in 2021! Thank you to everyone who contributed

1. Air Gardens

USAFA Air Gardens reflecting pools and bridges.

General Contractor: GE Johnson

Landscape Architect: Merrick & Company

Location: Colorado Springs, CO

Scope of work: 36,000 SF of flatwork, eight miles of sawcuts, restoration of 15 reflecting pools, and 15 new filtration systems.

2. Vista Clubhouse Pool

Top view of full pool and kiddie pool at the Vista Clubhouse in Genesee done by Colorado Hardscapes.

General Contractor: MW Golden Constructors

Landscape Architect: Hord Coplan Macht and Colorado Pool Designs

Location: Genesee, CO

Scope of work: 6,500 SF of pool deck, 233 LF of coping, full-depth pool, tot-pool, and all other turn-key pool elements.

3. Market Station

Market Station concrete plaza with stained bands.

General Contractor: Kiewit

Landscape Architect: Dig Studio

Location: Denver, CO

Scope of work: Stained Sandscape, walls, benches, curbs, gray work, specialty sawcuts, and some MicroTop.

4. RYE SoBo Apartments

Rye Sobo Apartments MicroTop-ST artwork

General Contractor: PDG

Landscape Architect: BrightView

Location: Denver, CO

Scope of work: 2,800 SF of decorative flatwork, 8,400 SF of gray work, two board form walls, and 300 SF of MicroTop artwork.

5. Penguin Exhibit

Top view of the penguin exhibit at Denver Zoo.

General Contractor: Vertix Builders

Location: Denver, CO

Scope of work: 6,092 SF of repainted, existing rockwork, and the formation/painting of 2,793 SF of new rockwork.


Throughout this next year, we are determined to provide you with the products, resources, and experts needed to turn your visions into real life. We continue to grow and learn with each passing year, and we know we are a better asset to your projects now than ever before. We wish you a wonderful holiday season and a successful new year. Into 2022 we go!

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