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How to Create Iconic Playgrounds With Concrete – Part 2: Concrete Slides

Showing completed Concrete Slides at High Prairie Park

Concrete slides provide a customizable and architectural-looking option for those searching for innovative playscape features. No matter the theme or design, Colorado Hardscapes has the resources to take your playground vision and turn it into something concrete.

Why Concrete Slides?

High Customizability  

Showing completed rockwork feature at Westminster's City Center Park

The leading reason why architects choose to add concrete slides to their playground designs is for their high customizable potential and architectural style. Flat and wide slides, channel slides, and even tube slides are all possible options with concrete. You may like the look of uncolored gray slides, but through the application of stains, multi-colored slides are still an option. Looking for a slide attached to an artisan rock feature? What about one resembling a fallen log? Want a Lithomosaic embedded on its side? Any theme may be honored through concrete slides with some creativity and collaboration with Colorado Hardscapes.

More Than Durable

In-progress High Prairie Park showcasing how Colorado Hardscapes creates these playscape features

Once your playground is complete, the last thing you want is to make frequent repairs. Weathering and vandalism happen, but to what level do they affect the playscape features? Continuing, how easy is it for you to make repairs to them?

Unlike plastic slides, concrete doesn’t melt with torches/magnifying glasses or experience deep cuts and carvings. Despite being susceptible to vandalism via paint/markers, slide surfaces return to normal through polishing out the imperfections. This process takes little time, allowing people to actually enjoy the playground instead of waiting for the removal of yellow tape.

Lower Set-Up Costs

In-progress Concrete Slides at High Prairie Park showcasing how Colorado Hardscapes creates these playscape features

Although more expensive than off-the-shelf slides from premade molds, concrete slides leave countless open doors for those wanting something custom. Because slide manufacturers must make custom fiberglass molds before the creation of custom plastic or metal slides, the costs increase by incredible amounts. With concrete, forms are placed on-site. This leaves open doors for design changes later in the pre-con process as well as no extra fees.

Cooler Temperatures

Showing a completed concrete slide at Paco Sanchez Park

We’ve all had the experience of sliding down a hot metal slide trying to decide whether or not being scorched was worth the thrill of a high-speed slide. Being that concrete is a thermal mass, it takes longer to both heat up and cool down. This rules out extremely-hot temperatures almost all of the time.

Our Experience with Concrete Slides

In-progress Concrete Slides at Westminster Center Park showcasing how Colorado Hardscapes creates these playscape features

Over the last decade, we’ve built concrete slides on seven different projects. Through observation, it’s easy to understand why playspace designers specify them. Not only do they provide a novelty component to the space, but a decade later, they look just as good today as they did when installed. 

Concrete slides take the skillset needed for walls and combine them with polished floors, requiring an experienced contractor. If you’re looking to add a concrete slide to your playground, talk to one of our experts. We’d love to assist you with making decisions and help you understand the technical details required to build a remarkable playground.

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