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The Value of Landscape Architects from a Subcontractor’s Point of View

As we look back on our 75 years in the decorative concrete industry, one of the things that stands out to us is our close-knit relationship with Landscape Architects (LAs). Our most effective communication and most outstanding results on our projects have come from early and direct contact with them. When we look back at projects like Conservatory Green, Gaylord Hotel, Denver Premium Outlets, Denver Art Museum, and Johnson Habitat Park, it’s evident how important the relationship between us really is.


Northfield Conservatory Green had planter walls made with sandscape.
Conservatory Green

The questions, goals, ideas, and needs of an LA improve us as a decorative concrete company. Responding to what they want pushes us to try new things and to grow. We believe that mutually, we make each other better. As we inform them, they challenge us, and together we work through the best process to achieve the best results. Through that direct communication, we can be on the same page about textures, colors, and patterns. 

Variety of text fonts engraved into the flatwork at Dairy Block
Dairy Block Sandblasted Sidewalk

For example, when LAs ask us if we can add images to our flatwork, CHI is able to discuss different ways and options in which we can accomplish that. From sandblasting, to CNC engraving, to Lithomosaics, to letter inlays, we’ll work through the options and samples for which process best fits the need. 

Overall, without the collaboration between Colorado Hardscapes and LAs, many of our greatest concrete innovations might have never been. From the battered seat walls at Conservatory Green to the Sandscape Refined finish at the Tabor Center, some of our greatest accomplishments have been an idea that started with an LA.


As we look to deepen our relationship with LAs moving forward, we’ve decided to be a platinum sponsor of ASLA (American Society of Landscape Architects). ASLA’s mission is to advance landscape architecture through advocacy, communication, education, and fellowship. Through our sponsorship, we hope to expand ASLA’s mission. We specifically want to support the young individuals coming into the field. In addition to sponsoring ASLA, Colorado Hardscapes has chosen to provide several resources for support for LAs through the following ways…


large concrete boulders create a play space in the park
Johnson Habitat Park

For instance, one of the biggest ways we’ve accommodated the needs of our associates is by providing accredited classes. You can go here to see the class descriptions. We’ve put together a total of ten presentations, all accredited, to support LAs on the individual level with their CE credits and to help them better understand what type of concrete, water features, walls, and rockwork will suit their plans.  

In addition to AIA courses, we accommodate the needs of our associates through the development of our Design Center. We’ve found through experience that our Design Center encourages more effective collaboration through its hands-on experience. We encourage any Landscape Architect to stop by to discuss your hardscape needs. After all, the showroom was built for you! You can read more about our Design Center and samples HERE.

Maquette of Johnson Habitat Park

Finally, Colorado Hardscapes prioritizes the fabrication of mock-ups and maquettes. We use these as a way to show our understanding of custom requested products. By developing a large-scale, physical representation of our work, we are keeping ourselves accountable for the work we do. 


Most importantly, we want to give a heartfelt thank you to all of the esteemed Landscape Architects we work with. Their role in the construction industry is paramount to outdoor placemaking projects. We see the value they bring to Colorado communities and outdoor spaces and want to do everything we can to support the growth of such.


At Colorado Hardscapes, the most gratifying experience is taking someone’s dream and help turn it into reality. The innovative nature found in LAs needs a dedicated and experienced contractor to team up with. If you have a unique project you’re working on and need someone to support your vision, contact Colorado Hardscapes today and we’ll collaborate with you. We’re up for the challenge.

Colorado Hardscapes

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