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Concrete Construction highlights our Decorative Design Center

Concrete Construction highlights Colorado Hardscapes' Design Center

Concrete Construction highlights our Design Center in this insightful article they posted this month. To anyone wondering “Who is Colorado Hardscapes?”, give this article a read. The more you know, the more you’ll understand the full-service capabilities and unmatched quality we bring every time.

Article Highlights:

  • From utilitarian flatwork in the late 1940s to decorative work since the 1970s, Colorado Hardscapes has been continually expanding the boundaries of innovation in concrete.
  • Informing clients which product is best suited for their aesthetic, maintenance, and price objectives is a key facet in collaboration.
  • Design center tours help the decision-making process become more simplified by guiding clients through options that make sense for them.
  • Seeing, feeling, and comparing hand-held samples not only gives a hands-on experience but truly exposes the detail we ensure.
  • Quality concrete stands the test of time. Being in Colorado, where rapidly-changing weather is no surprise, the firm continually maintains high standards of technical expertise.
  • As a licensed representative of both Bomanite and Lithocrete, we know and use proprietary products. Specifically, licensed finishing techniques can’t be installed by just anyone.

Our recent move has allowed us to improve on our previous showroom. Therefore if you have not yet been to our Greenwood Village location, we invite you to stop by. Come see the updates we’ve made.

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