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Pool Maintenance: COVID can’t stop warm weather from coming!

Sandscape® pool coping

Even if opening pools and water features are delayed, we are still servicing and helping get these up and running for the summer months.

Maintaining a sanitized and chemically balanced body of water is the most important part of running one. Our goal is to provide the resources you need to keep up with this necessary task as a part of damage control. Read further to understand the details of water maintenance, even during a crisis.

COVID’s effect on these popular summer activities

Let us first address the elephant in the room, we are still dealing with social distancing and the ramifications of this pandemic. However, one question that has come up is, “Can COVID-19 be transferred via water?” According to the CDC, no, there is no evidence that it can spread through water. So while pool openings may be delayed for social distancing reasons, our thought is many may opening if they can maintain a social distancing. Therefore, it is important to prepare for the maintenance responsibilities.

Keys to water features and pool maintenance

First of all, even if you have a year-round water feature or pool, once a year you need to drain it, vacuum it out, pressure wash the sides, and start (or restart) with clean water. This prevents any algal blooms from occurring. If you see a green, green, red, brown, or even blue tint in the water, that is algae. These blooms cause pools to be slippery and dangerous for pool bathers. Continuing, when algae form on the basin of your installed feature or pool, it ruins water quality. The removal process is extremely difficult to perform and will damage the feature’s finish. Keeping track of these color changes will signal you to follow this important first step.

Architectural, ascending water feature with stairs on each side.
Denver Private Residence

Water balance

The most important key to keeping a balanced body of water is continual maintenance. For pools, it is crucial to check the quality of water 3 times a day. More specifically, checking the chemistry once in person and twice remotely will ensure a safe pool. This is because an already well-balanced pool or water feature takes fewer chemicals (and less money) than it takes to correct problems when they occur. Additionally, when harsher chemicals are needed to shock the pool, it may cause irritation to the bathers’ skin, nose, and eyes. Procrastinating the upkeep of water features and pools is sacrificing their longevity.

Physical Inspection 

While performing in-person inspections, check the following list as these are the key factors contributing to mechanical efficiency.

  • filtration 
  • chlorination
  • pH level
  • total alkalinity (TA)
  • calcium hardness
Programmable water feature with lights at nozzle basin
Foothills Mall


Proficient filtration means investing in quality utilities. We suggest using sand filters as they are readily available, easy to maintain, and extremely efficient. If you do not already have a filter in your feature, it is still possible to install, but may require a larger cost with a less efficient system. Preplan filter installation in your drawings to save yourself from headaches in the future.

Design considerations

Before moving forward with your decision to install any feature or pool, you must prepare for the costs occurring in future years. An estimated 1/3 of the initial build cost should be budgeted towards maintenance annually. It should also be noted that different designs require different maintenance responsibilities. Larger bodies of water are easier to maintain proper water balance levels. In contrast, shallow water heats up faster and is, therefore, harder to take care of. Planning for issues that come with your specific design will prevent wasted time and energy.

Aspen Lodge

Looking for a new water feature maintenance team?

Look no further than Colorado Hardscapes. We have selected well-trained crew members you can trust to provide long-lasting, beautiful bodies of water.

Colorado Hardscapes

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