Decorative Walls


Firepit using board form method, sandscape and sandscape refined flatwork

Located in Lincoln Park, off 6th and Osage sits COLAB. This co-housing community includes three courtyards as part of the community-use areas. Britina Design incorporated several Colorado Hardscapes’ finishes into these common spaces. Our crew did an excellent job integrating all these components including; Sandscape pool coping, Alternating Sandscape flatwork, Sandscape Refined accent panels with […]

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Sandscape® Walls

Elementary school wall incorporating sandblasting designs.

Applying our premium version of sand finished concrete, vertically. Also available in our Sandscape® Refined finish. 

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MicroTop Walls

Microtop - ST Concrete Overlay Wall - Colorado Hardscapes

A thin layer added to the surface of the wall used to keep walls relatively the same size but change its color and texture. MicroTop – ST creates sand finish texture.

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Form Liner Walls

Form liner walls with unique imagery all across its surface.

Using various form liner materials to create patterns, stone textures and artistic designs in concrete walls.

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Sedimentary & Rammed Earth Walls

Sedimentary wall has aggregate within wall

Both Sedimentary and Rammed Earth walls create a layered look, however, they achieve it in different ways. Sedimentary Walls place different concrete colors and mixes with various lens material between the layers. Rammed Earth Walls use compacted earth used to create a natural look.

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Confluence Park Bubbles

If you’ve been to Confluence Park recently, you may have noticed a new addition. It now homes Jeanne Quinn‘s public sculpture, “Sing and Glide“. Our collaboration with the artist involved sending the sculpture back and forth through the entire construction process. Firstly, she sent us styrofoam cutouts of the different sized bubbles. At our inventory […]

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Denver Premium Outlets

This 94­-acre project features not only 70+ stores but more impressively, 7 of Colorado Hardscapes’ products. If you’re not a shopper, a visit to DPO is still worth the trip just to check out the play area.

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Tava Waters

Catamaran club pool deck made with Sandsacpe, our premium sand finish.

You know you’ve been around a long time when you start updating and replacing your own work twenty-something years later. I2 Construction headed up the project and brought Colorado Hardscapes on board to replace the front entry and back pool deck. Along with the flatwork, this design featured Sandscape® Textured Walls (our premium version of […]

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