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Celebrating Our 75th Anniversary

Celebrating our 75th Anniversary with a variety of decorative concrete projects we think are the most memorable.

We are celebrating our 75th anniversary this year, and with such a significant milestone, we have a lot to be thankful for.

We would first like to acknowledge our valued clients, the design community, and developers. It’s been a pleasure working alongside you to create a more beautiful and memorable Colorado. There’s nothing like driving through the city and seeing your own contributions everywhere you go.

And to our employees, old and new; your commitment to quality every day is and will continue to be the backbone of our success. 

Finally, thank you to all of our partners and vendors for supporting us and our needs through the years and as we expand into new territory.

Most Memorable Projects

While celebrating our 75th anniversary, we reflect on all of the projects we’ve completed and the handful that has significantly contributed to our legacy. These projects may or may not have been our biggest in size or profit, but have been chosen based on their memorability. Additionally, the following list is not ranked.

Conservatory Green – 2013

Outdoor walkway next to Sandscape ledges. Decorative Sawcuts on Flatwork - Colorado Hardscapes

Conservatory Green is the perfect example of how concrete and landscaping can blend together to create an outstanding neighborhood gathering place. Community interaction in spaces like this feeds our purpose. Sandscape®  flatwork, curbs, planter walls, and seat walls were installed with well-designed sawcut scoring. Additionally, the water feature and firepit round out the project.

Mehaffey Park – 2015

Park with rockwork and stream bed next to playground.

This large-scale park makes it onto our list for both its (obvious) aesthetics and for our hand in its design. The clients originally wanted to add natural-stacked boulders. After some discussion with our artisan rock division, they figured our GFRC rocks had more positive attributes. Additionally, the client allowed us to design the playground. We took this opportunity to add enriching play structures to help children encounter risks in a healthy and controlled environment.

9-11 Memorial Shriever AFB – 2011

Small but mighty, the memorial at Schriever Air Force Base stands out to us as one of the most touching projects we’ve been a part of. Using Micro-Top ST, we meticulously created a map of the upper east coast and the locations of the 9-11 attacks. But our work was only a complement to the real centerpiece. A part of the World Trade Center remains at the front of our flatwork, reminding us all of the victims and heroes of that day.

Gaylord of the Rockies Hotel – 2018

Decorative concrete around lazy river

As one of Colorado’s most beautiful and popular hotels, CHI took pride in the large scope of work we completed at the Gaylord Hotel. We installed both Bomanite Imprinted and Sandscape flatwork in the Grand Lodge and interior pool deck. Moreover, we installed 150,000 SF of Sandscape on the exterior. Winning us a Silver ACE award, showed once again how we maintain our standards for quality and excellence on all-sized projects.

Promenade Shops at Centerra – 2005

The combined flatwork, water features, and fire pit make this the largest project ever completed by Colorado Hardscapes. While already balancing an aggressive schedule, we had the challenge of coordinating with both our own crew and multiple sub-contractors. Together, we installed 167,000 SF of flatwork and three water features. Despite the challenges, this project was completed on time and with spectacular results.

Denver Union Station – 2013

Far view of Denver Union Station Water Feature with lights and pop jets.

What an honor to have our work featured at one of the most popular spots in Denver, Colorado. Even though this project doesn’t include any decorative flatwork, it still makes a spot on our list. Proving Colorado Hardscapes’ ability to install structural and mechanical systems, we knocked this one out of the park with 92 nozzles, hundreds of feet of piping, and extensive filtration systems.

Air Force Academy: Multiple Projects from 2007 – Present

Courtyard with white integral color on walkways showcasing decorative concrete.

From the mid-2000s to today, the Air Force Academy (AFA) has given us some of our largest, and most beautiful projects including; The Falcon Athletic Center, Southeast Asian Memorial, Vanderberg Hall upgrades, CCLD plaza, and Air Gardens. Each of these projects specified unique colors and aggregates. We overcame many challenges at the AFA, even if it meant developing projects durable enough to withstand the weight of military vehicles.

Our Promise

Starting with only one man and one truck to multiple divisions and countless projects along the front range, we’ve come a long way. In celebrating our 75th anniversary, we acknowledge not just any company reaches such an honorable milestone. So, with this footprint in the industry, we promise to continue to push the boundaries of what is possible today, and for the many years ahead.

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